Hi my name is

I care about web accessibility, draw typefaces for fun and love to write HTML and CSS.


DH Volltext

DH Volltext is an unagitated typeface primarily created for body text.

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The Prompt

My friend Steven and I are talking about all things AI: current news, how these technologies work and what their strenghts and weaknesses are.

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The product I am working on at my day job as frontend/design engineer.

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Past Projects

Bandbreite.fm Podcast

Started during our time at university, we gathered once a month to talk about interests in tech and pop culture.

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Holistic experience platform on the future of location intelligence

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A place for me to publish longer notes and articles about my interests and things I stumble across.

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The only social network I use. Follow me for ephemeral content about my interests.

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Nothing beats the good old classic in digital communication, right?

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Buddy Corner


My friend Marvin (aka morph) has a nice blog writing, among other things, about hardware hacking, system administration and IT security.

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